Singapore Organic Food


Healthy Organic Food

Most organic foods can be considered as healthy organic food. There are some which are more popular and are frequently consumed by the public. Here are some of the more reccomended healthy organic food that people take :


healthy organic foodApples consists of Pectin and vitamin C which reduces cholesterol and pectin protects against pollution by eliminating heavy metals. Malic and tartaric acids are also present which helps relieve indigestion and breakdown fats.


bananasBananas consists of potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, B6 and fibre. It is good for digestion, menstrual difficulties and also essential to athletes. It can be considered a perfect food for both young and old.


carrotsCarrots are Super-rich in betacarotene. It contains vitamins C and E for circulatory disease, for chest infections, skin and eye problems. It can help bowel problems, pureed for infant diarrhoea and juiced for liver problems.


garlicGarlic is considered as king of healing plants. It reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, stops blood from clotting and improves the circulation. It is also antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-cancer, and good for chest infections and stomach bugs.


onionsOnions protect the circulatory system and are a powerful antibiotic. They are good for chest, stomach and urinary infections, and their diuretic activity helps with arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

Soya Bean

soya beansSoya bean are a vital source of plant hormones called phytoestrogens. They protect against breast and prostate cancer, hormonal imbalances, PMS and menopausal problems including osteoporosis.


potatoesPotatoes is a source of fibre, B vitamins, minerals and enough vitamin C to keep scurvy at bay. There are lots of nutrients in its skin such as potassium and fibre.